Monday, February 23, 2009

Victorian House

I am always asked, "What was your most difficult cake ?" Honestly there have been a number of challenging ones (think six-foot tall sock monkey) but one of the cakes that was both challenging and most detailed was a Victorian House cake we created over a year ago for a wedding.

The wedding actually took place at the Jedediah Hawkins Inn located in Jamesport, New York. The cake was an exact replica of the house from the structural details, down to the flowers outside the house.

One of my friends who is an architect came by the bakery to help me figure out the exact configuration of the roof. We even had the event planners send us the paint chips of the renovated house so we could match all the exact colors.

It was this project that first gave me the idea to film the building of our cakes (which eventually led us to shoot two videos on YouTube). Unfortunately I thought of it in the middle of this project so it was too late, but I did take some still photos that will give you some idea of the process. The entire house was Banana cake filled with Chocolate Ganache. I insisted on the ganache, since it holds up better structurally then buttercream, once I learned (a week before the wedding) that the cake would be displayed in a tent filled with 300 people rather then an air-conditioned room. Did I mention that this took place at the end of August (think very hot and humid)!

This week after we finish a five year old's princess cake, I'm off to judge, demo and teach in Austin, TX at That Takes the Cake Show. There are only a few spots left for my class on March 2nd. We are making the Sushi Cake from The Confetti Cakes Cookbook.


meleginmarifetleri said...

Süper olmuş..

Rhonda Christensen said...

How fantastic!! Such great detail. Love it!

SweetThingsTO said...

Wow - unbelievable! That cake is just amazing!

mrs.deane said...

This cake is so beautiful!

I wish I could afford your cakes for my special events! :O(

Dhanya Ganesh said...

This cake looks awesome.

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Brigittestorten said...

Your victorian house is so fantastic! I thougt, I am the onelyest who bakes houses .

Kindest regards