Sunday, March 16, 2008

The FIRST Confetti Cakes blog!

With the coming of spring I thought this was the perfect time to launch our very own blog!

Confetti Cakes has been so fortunate to be included on many other fabulous blogs and after a number of requests we thought it was time to let everyone know what goes on behind-the-scenes at Confetti Cakes.

During our last appearance on NBC’s “The Today Show” a few seconds before Al Roker and I started making cupcakes, a light fixture fell on set directly over our heads, luckily Ann Curry was there to catch it…next thing I knew “3,2,1…..”, live television before millions of people (just a little frazzled). My producer later said, “hey it’s something you should talk about on your
blog”…if only I had one…so here we are!

Besides making cakes we are busy finishing our second book, Confetti Cakes for Kids, due out November 2008. We've also been teaching a ton of classes and gearing up for a few upcoming demos!

On a happy note we have just gone into the third printing of our first book, The Confetti Cakes Cookbook. So thank you to EVERYONE who has made our first book such a success!

Please stay tuned for information about upcoming events, classes and of course discussion on cake!


Z said...

Congratulations on the blog. The book is amazing and I cannot wait to find finally time to come to one of your private classes.


adrienne said...

WOW! I am so glad that you have a blog now! I cant wait for the new book to come out, I'm sure it will be AMAZING!!!!! I also cant wait to have a private lesson with you i know every penny is worth it!!! You are truly amazing and you are an inspiration and role model to me!

Daniel Saravia said...


Now, can you convince Ron Ben-Israel to hop on the blog train?.. IM SERIOUS!

Special T Cakes said...

I LOVE your book! I just tried the Vanilla and Chocolate Cakes and love them both. I can't wait to try the others. Great job!

Unknown said...

Well, well,'s about time guys! CONGRATS on the Blog Spot..Love your book (can't wait for the next one). I have worn it out...Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet have been lifesavers for me! Keep up the good work and see you next year in NY for a class!!!

Unknown said...


Carrie said...

Well HOOOORRRAY! I am a HUGE fan of yours! This is awesome. I too just started my own blog and am working on my first cookbook proposal. It is nerve wracking...especially for a girl with no college degree..but I can do it :) I will keep my eye on your blog. I love your first cookbook and refer to it often. Thanks for being awesome :)


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