Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wedding Magazines

Spring is definitely in the air. You can tell because the sun is slightly warmer, people are starting to wear brighter colors and the wedding magazines are putting forth their best features. Wedding season is upon us and with that we have been lucky enough to be included in a number of the top wedding magazines in the world! Check them out:
Brides featuring 50 of the country's best cakes, my friend Anne Chertoff wrote about them in her fabulous blog for ivillage.

I am really proud to announce that we have been honored with a full six-page spread in the Spring 2008 InStyle Weddings Issue. The photos were styled by Lynn Butler Beling and shot by Monica Buck.

Lastly, New York Magazine included us with a number of top NYC cake designers in their Summer 2008 Weddings Issue. New York Magazine holds a special place in my heart because this was the first magazine to publish our wedding cakes back in 2002. It's only appropriate that they also featured the rehearsal dinner invite and gift tag from my own wedding on page 69 created by Sesame Letterpress.


Dizzee Cake. said...

Congrats!! I absolutely love your work. Can't wait to check out the new pics!

craftyclaire said...

I love your book, your website and the cake in this post is out of this world. Your work is very inspirational!

Tom said...

Elisa, You just continue to amaze me with your dedication, passion, hard work, and inspiration for individuals thinking about starting a pastry and baking business.
I love your first book and would recommend it to any prospective pastry and baking student looking to do a professional pastry program like you did. In fact, I just ordered copies to give out as inspiration to some of my future pastry students here at The Institute of Culinary Education, that are aspiring to do cakes like yourself.
I am also looking forward to your next book for kids in the fall of this year. It's sure to be a winner like everything else you have done so far.
All the best,
Your Biggest Fan at The Institute of Culinary Education

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about your blog! I have been a fan of yours for a while. I watch the food network ALOT so I've seen you in acton. You have inspiried me to learn how to do it myself. I actually made my first 2 tiered cake about a month ago. I used your book! It was very helpful! Thank you for explaining it so well!

tartanfrog said...

I am in love with the pale pink and black anemone flower cakes. So beautiful. They might be my favourite design you have done yet.

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