Friday, June 10, 2011

Jedediah Revisited

A few months ago, My mom and Aunt went to lunch out Jamesport, N.Y. They were visiting the Victorian home, now turned into a restaurant and hotel, Jedediah Hawkins Inn. As my mom described the house I relived the making of a wedding cake we did a few years ago. It was an exact replica of the home. We tried to execute every last detail down to the paint colors and the hydrangea bushes that were recently planted.

The actual cake was Banana (one of my favorites) paired with Chocolate Ganache. Since the cake took place in August and it was extremely hot, and the wedding was to take place in a tent (read: NO Air Conditioning) I convinced the mother of the bride away from Chocolate buttercream in favor of the Ganache for stability reasons, thank goodness she agreed!

Anyway, I thought it was fun to look at the actual photos of the Inn next to the cake!