Sunday, November 27, 2011

The 2nd Birthday Cake

I really didn't think my life could get any busier then it already was, but then just over a week ago my daughter turned two. There is always extra work when throwing a party, but I know all of my cake decorating buddies know the pressure is on to make your own kid's cake. Once again my husband begged me to order cupcakes or cake from a local bakery, but again I would not even entertain these thoughts, even if it put my health in jeopardy. After all, we are talking cake!

About a month before the birthday I had started thinking about a theme for my daughter's cake, knowing at two that this may be the last time I have any say in it...and had I given my daughter some input she probably would have told me this year what she wanted too!

So I picked the adorable main character from the book by Taro Gomi, My Friends. In the back of my head I had the image of an amazing cake by one of my favorite people and an incredibly talented cake designer, Kate Sullivan (her blog Cake Power is really cool too!). She made a sculpted cake of Frida Khalo and I have always loved it.

Here is a TINY image...visit Kate's website under "defying gravity" to really see the cake!

I'm sorry to say I didn't take any process photos this time because I was rushing like a mad woman late into the night. But my AMAZING friends at Satin Ice were kind enough to send me the pre-dyed Pink Fondant....It saved TONS of time. I just mixed the pink with a little of the Satin Ice Baby Blue and was able to recreate the intense fuchsia pink color I wanted.

The cake was delicious white cake and chocolate buttercream from our first book.

And it was all worth it when Sophie said, "Mama, I want to hug my cake!"
She also wanted to eat the bird!