Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Where does the cake go?

Over the years I've created many cakes not for a specific recipient but for television, magazine/book shoots or videos.

Joey's "Head" a number of years ago- we all enjoyed the cake!

People always ask, "Where does the cake go?" A six-foot tall sock monkey, a life-sized dress form, wedding cakes, an alligator handbag, a realistic sculpted dog...they've all been made for on-camera usage but it would be a crime to have them wasted.

The original Joey cake was made for my dad. We recorded it so the world can see the sped up process. Now people can watch the full version and learn from the templates, course materials and hours of video. (subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can see more videos like this!)

Many cakes have gone to the crew, to my friends, family and neighbors- but at the end of my last video shoot at Craftsy.com a very special girl received a delicious vanilla birthday cake, in the shape of a labradoodle. After the shoot, Abby's mom Heather, who works at Craftsy was able to bring the cake to her daughter's birthday party! I'm so happy she and her friends had a chance to enjoy the cake. I think the photos tell it all...

Abby hiding behind her b-day cake's head!

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