Sunday, March 30, 2008

Confetti Kids is Coming!

O.k. well our second book,
Confetti Cakes for Kids, will not be out until November, 2008 but I am so excited because we just received the blads. A blad is a catalogue of a few sample pages of the book and is used by the publisher for advertising purposes.
That said, this is just a sample cover, nothing is set in stone yet. I'm still in the process of editing, editing and then more editing. Before I wrote our first book I had no idea of how much work went into the process. I may be biased but I think making and writing a cookbook is more difficult than any other kind of writing. You have the basic writing and measuring of every specific detail, then you have all the recipe testing, then making all the product (in our case: cookies, cupcakes, mini cakes and sculpted cakes) to be ready all the same week so it can be shot by a professional photographer. For the photo shoot you need to do all the styling, so I was running around buying special backdrops and renting props from a special prop house! Then once all the photography is done I start with illustrations and templates...and did I mention the editing! This week I should be getting back the second pages (second round of edits) so I hope to have more to share soon!


craftyclaire said...

The cover makes it look crazy (in a very good way!) Can't wait till mit comes out. I love your originality, and I'm sure all of your hard work will pay off. And yes you need to retest all the recipes as nothing annoys a cook than mistakes in a book!! (OR any other instruction manual!) Good luck with it all.

Carrie said...

If you need a tester, let me know. I am a mean a good way of course) Also, do you have any wise tips on writing cookbook proposals? I am starting my proposal soon and am having a hard time getting that initial gettyup and go...thanks :)


tartanfrog said...

I'm so proud of you! Let me know when I can place my orders for signed copies of this book for all my gal pals!


Karen said...

If your new cookbook is half as fabulous as the first book, I can't wait to order a dozen books! So many friends who received copies are still in awe of your delicious and creative recipes. You make it all look fun and easy.

Keep up the great work!

De Koekjesfee said...

That 's a book to look forward too ! Thank you for sharing !

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