Monday, June 16, 2008

Hi Y'all

Paula and me on set right after taping the show

Since I started my company many moons ago I have been so fortunate to be featured on numerous television shows. One of the best parts of my job is communicating to people the art of cake decorating. I'm able to do this through demonstrations, television appearances, teaching classes and through our books (our newest book just went up on Amazon for pre-sales!).

One of my all time fun experiences was with Paula Deen on her television show, "Paula's Party." It was a Disco-themed party, so we made her a disco ball cake with the show logo on it, (Do not ask how I got that cake on a small commuter plane from NY to Savannah). We also made disco ball cupcakes and some delicious platform shoe cookies, Paula was wearing the real shoes and a wig too.

As with all the shows I have been on the producers were amazing, so professional and organized and Paula was especially great! It struck me while I was on set with her how much she says, "Y'all" to the studio audience, and it is only now that I realize I am way out of my league when I use that same phrase during my demo's. Paula is FROM the South, I was born in the Bronx (and not the Bronx Zoo as my older brother told me) and grew up on the North Shore of Long Island. So even though I probably don't have the right to say it, I still do because it is such an inviting way of saying we are ALL part of one group! I can't say enough nice things about Paula (and her staff) so I am sure she would not mind the next time I say, "Y'all know what I mean" during one of my classes.

Producers Aimee and Michelle with me before the show


tartanfrog said...

The disco look becomes you, including the fake eyelashes!!! You looked dynamite!

Carrie said...

NICE! Oh to be you....or work with you...that would be cool too!

Unknown said...

What kind of cake was the giant disco ball?