Monday, August 18, 2008

Design *Sponge Podcast

Just two weeks ago we created two beautiful wedding cakes with sugar flowers that we had never made before. One had gorgeous deep purple calla lillies and the other had large garden roses. I realize I am always talking about what's going on in and out of the bakery but I rarely share photos of our new cakes. We are in the process of a redesign of our website but in the meantime here are two of our recent cakes with flowers. Jessy from Fleurs was one of the amazing florists we worked with and was really helpful as we tried to match the flowers in sugar!

That same week we were visited by Grace Bonney of Design *Sponge. She and Christy Kolar stopped by to record a podcast, after listening I realize I need to strike the word "Um" from my vocabulary. I talked about how I got started in cakes and what it's like to be a small business owner, they also posted our chocolate cookie recipe from our first book. Design *Sponge is one of my newest favorites, it's so inspirational. Check out the podcast here.

Since we are talking about weddings and blogs I think I forgot to mention the fabulous blog post from Martha Stewart Weddings, The Bride's Guide by Darcy Miller from back in June!


ShockMeNews said...

Hi Elisa - I just bought your book last week nad started readinf - I really like it. I am taking cake decoration classes and I really enjoy it. My last cake had flowers with royal icing - it was time cinsuming. I can only image making one of your gorgeous perfect cakes! Maybe one day I can afford getting one - do you ship the cake out of sate? I live in Florida. How do oyu get your design inspirations? Love your work!!!

mjshdiif said...

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Unknown said...

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