Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We have these little pumpkin cakes from our new book. I think they look like mini pumpkins with funny faces just like Mr. Potato Head.

I love Halloween! When I was a little girl I used to spend a lot of time planning my costume and then proceed to complain to my mom if she made me put a coat on to cover it up.

Well, yesterday was a lot of fun and a really hectic day. I started out at the Today Show in the morning, showing Kathie Lee and Hoda some of our cookie lollipops from our new book, Confetti Cakes for Kids. Instead of making them in the design of candy lollipops we created ghosts, pumpkins and witch hats. (kinda like we did in our first book, The Confetti Cakes Cookbook, but less fashion focused.Watch it here and click here for the recipe.

Everyone at the Today show was so nice to work with, it takes so much behind-the-scenes preparation for just a four minute segment! We had brought along a few cakes too but we ran out of time.

We made this Witch Hat cake especially for the show but I don't think anyone could see it!

After that show I ran over to Martha Stewart to shoot a segment for a wedding special on The Style Network. I'll let you know when that airs.

Well, we have a jam packed couple of days with more classes today and next week, while we work on sugar decorations for our upcoming cakes and start making cookie dough for our next big event! And the Food Network just called for a HUGE challenge....


thecelticcookinshanghai said...

I have recently aquired your book and at least for the moment I have only got as far as reading it, no drooling over it. One day I will try something out. I know I should start small but I so want to make the purse and shoebox. One day............!

SugarEd Productions said...

Love your blog and books. Can I ask what brand of fondant you like to use? Are you allowed to say? I am finding my old favs are acting funny as of late.

Art of Dessert said...

It was so fun to watch your segment on the Today show. Never thought of using a toothpick to stop the icing from flowing out of my piping bag (very clever). You're so inspirational. Can't wait to get your new book :o)

Lyns said...

Love the witch hat. Do you use a lot of store bought fondant in your book or do you make your own?

Elisa said...

I am so bad at checking, sorry for the delay...we use a brand of fondantmade by Callebault called Carma Massa Tocino