Saturday, May 9, 2009

Toronto Class

Me and Flour Confections owner, Lisa

What started off as a dramatic trip to Toronto ended up being so wonderful. The drama began when I left my passport at home (after already turning around once in the car to go get my driver's license which I didn't need because you NEED a PASSPORT to go to a different country!) so my most amazing assistant Candice had to run to my apartment, retrieve my passport and meet me at the airport before they closed me out of my flight (she made it in 8 minutes!) Then once I got to Canada apparently you need a VISA to teach there which no one knew! But all ended well when Lisa and Robyn picked me up at the Toronto airport.

My fabulous class of professional cake designers

I taught the two day class at Flour Confections. It is such a great teaching space and kitchen with a beautiful store that is filled with tons of cake decorating equipment. The class did an amazing job and I love all the variety in colors and patterns. It was so much fun and I think everyone learned a lot. Here is a posting about the class from the owner of Flour Confections, Lisa Bugeja, on her blog.

Did I mention I love to teach?!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Elisa for a WONDERFUL class - you have always been my inspiration and to learn from you was beyond words !!!!

Miss Karey Anne

Kat said...

I'm so sad I missed you when you were here in Toronto. I would have loved to be in on that class. I love your cakes and I've loved seeing you on the Food Network. You've always been my Number One Favorite.

Julia from Dozen Flours said...

I am so jealous as I would be first in line to sign up for one of your classes. I hope you have plans to come to Seattle one day! Best part: no passport required! :)

Arun R. said...

Thank you for signing your book for my girlfriend at Flour Confections. She was so sad she couldn't take the class and meet you. She shows the book to everyone who comes over.

Thanks again,

Arun Rai

Elins Cards and other handscrafts said...

Wow... thats so cool.. I would love to be in your class if I ever got the change. It's so nice to read your blog, and see all the great thing you make.
Greatings from Norway

Hilda said...

Hi, I´m looking all your blog... it´s marvellous.
You are really an artist. Congratulations.

(excuse my bad english, I´ve forget it all)

kisses from Spain-Europe

Catherine Langevin said...

Oooh! I am so jealous!!
I really badly wanted to come to this class and learn some crazy tips from you!!!
I'm from Montreal so it was'nt too far for me... but in the middle of the week, I could'nt make it.. and I must say it was a bit pricey for me :S (but I'm sure it's worth it!!)... sad sad :(
At least I have your books! :D


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