Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Class at Make Meaning

Just in case you have been following my frenetic pace and wondering what is keeping me so busy I am excited to share the news!

Besides running the day-to-day operations of Confetti Cakes, teaching private lessons and making 600 desserts for the NYCWFF last week...MOST of my time has been taken up working for a fabulous craft company as a consultant. (oh right, and I'm 6 months pregnant and have a toddler at home!)

I was hired by Make Meaning a few months ago to develop, the first of its kind, a walk-in cake decorating experience. We are about to launch the experience in the beautiful, brand new store opening in November but I have even more exciting news.

I'm holding two classes to TEST the experience in two weeks and you and your kids can come!
Since it is right before Halloween, each guest will receive a cake (pre-baked, filled and iced in rolled fondant) that you can spend over an hour decorating with all of the fun embellishments-from disco dusts and sprays to stencils and edible markers and beyond.

Here is all the info:
Wednesday, October 19th

4-5:30pm: Kids Class (7 & up)

8-9:30pm Adult Class

Sign up soon because spaces are limited!

Learn more about Make Meaning: watch their video


Elena Hernández said...

congratulations!!! kiss from spain

xlizzyx said...

omg i would love to attend one of ur classes. View my teenage baking blog

CutiiPromoRO said...

I like your blog. I would love to follow your blog.

Designer Cakes and Confections said...

Gee Elisa, you're not the over-achiever type or anything are you? lol

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