Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Being a Bride

It was just 6 months ago that I was a bride myself. When I was getting married the first question I was asked was not "who are you marrying?" but rather "who's making the cake?." I am happy to report that we had three wedding cakes (who could decide on just one?!), tons of cupcakes, cookies and brownies too (all made at Confetti Cakes, of course!) My friend Karalee LaRochelle, owner of Cocoa Locoa, made delicious salted honey caramels as our favors. We were married at Blue Hill at Stone Barns so the food was exquisite.
After making wedding cakes for so many couples over the years, I was overwhelmed with all the choices for our colors, flowers, themes, etc. As any good bride does, I religiously studied Martha Stewart Weddings but was happy to find so many fabulous blogs and websites to answer all my questions. Today we are happy to have been included in many wonderful blogs, here are two of our favorite wedding ones! The Bride's Cafe depicts the most beautiful weddings, Janie posted an interview with us today! Blush Events has the most up to date info on "what's new" and featured our cakes from Instyle Weddings. Oh and by the way, just in case you are wondering...I married an amazing guy named Marc. (Photo by Jamie Watts)


Carrie said...

I wish I knew about cakes back when i got married(16 years ago) what I know now! Well, really there are a lot of things that I know now that I wish I knew then..but that is another blog..Hee hee hee..You had a beautiful spread at your wedding. Nothing like a good sugar high after a beautiful wedding :)


Pomme Pomme Girl said...

Hi Elisa,
I can now understand why you are so creative ;-)

Thank you again for the beautiful sparkly daughter (and I) are very happy with them!

Daniel Saravia said...

Oh congrats! I didn't know you were a newlywed!

Carrie said...


I just wanted to let you know that I just passed on an award to you. See here for the info..
you deserve it :)

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

Stunning display. Any bride would kill for that!

Roukas said...

and hey, U R AN ARTIST

Anonymous said...

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