Thursday, March 5, 2009

Austin is Awesome

A Work in Progress!

Just got back from Austin, TX...and although I didn't see much of Austin the city, I got to experience the hospitality of the people everyday. I was a judge at the annual cake show, That Takes the Cake, where I was joined by an all-star team of fellow judges including: Bronwen Weber, Nicholas Lodge, Jacquy Pfeiffer, Debbie Brown (all the way from England!) and many others. We judged all day Sat. at the Crockett Center, then I gave a demo on Sunday of our gift box cake and on Monday I taught an all day, hands-on class of our sushi cake to 15 students.
All the cakes and the students were so impressive.

Here are a few photos from our class, I couldn't be more proud considering we had less then eight hours!Even one of my students posted about it!

You can see a bunch of photos from the demo's and the actual show cakes on the events facebook profile.

I'm off to Kansas but want you to get ready, the next Food Network Challenge we are in airs in just one month from today! More about it here.

Only in Texas!


Angela said...

Hi Elisa! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the wonderful instructions on the Sushi Cake recipe.

I'd still call myself a novice cake decorator, but thanks to you I was able to pull off an awesome birthday cake for my husband.

I'd be honoured if you'd take a peek:

Bentayga con sabor said...

Es la primera vez que visito tú blog y estoy fastinada con tú trabajo.Ehorabuena por esas obras de arte porque no tienen otro nombre.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Austin is awesome! That sign is pretty much par for the course around here, but here's one even I had to say, "Only in Texas," about:

Feel free to scroll through my ramblings to the picture at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

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