Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going to Pittsburgh

The last time I was in Pittsburgh I saw a lot of the city. Over 26.2 miles exactly ! This happened when my friend Ashley got it in her head that it would be a good idea for the two of US to run a marathon together. It was a great experience and it was fun both before and after the race to see some of the sights in the city.

This Saturday I will be giving a demo at Giant Eagle, Market District (South Hills) from 11-1pm. I will be showing how to create our Spring Mini cakes and signing books. The mini cakes are one of the many fun ideas from our second book, Confetti Cakes for Kids. They are perfect for spring but could be easily translated to anytime of year!

We are also busy this week with a Topsy-Turvy Bat-Mitzvah cake, sketching some new cakes for an upcoming magazine shoot in June and getting ready for the demo!


SweetThingsTO said...

Gorgeous Spring mini- cakes. I just watched the Last Cake Standing finally - you were so great on there. You were smiling all the time and have such a great attitude. I'm a big fan (and also a fellow runner too)

Joanna said...

Your mini cakes are simply beautiful!

My Journal In The Kitchen said...

wow, i'm your biggest fans!Reading your books many times lately!:) tried to made the fondant as smooth as yours but not successful this time :(
it has some wrinkleson the side!:(
rgds-YooLee ( Indonesia )

Unknown said...

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