Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Joey" out of cake!

As I mentioned in my previous post, April 24th was my dad's birthday. What I didn't divulge, for fear of him finding out, was that we planned two parties for his 60th. The first was an intimate gathering with the immediate family, which meant including the dogs as well! We all gathered at The Benjamin Hotel in New York City because they allow dogs. As a decoy I made my dad just a small cake, with his name spelled out in Nautical flags (since he has just bought a boat) and it had his favorite child, his labradoodle Joey squeezing through the number sixty.

The big celebration was a surprise party this past Sunday at my parents' house. For this I made a life-sized cake of Joey. I actually videotaped the making of the cake so I hope to have a short film of it soon. My filmmaker friend, Lisa Stock lent me her camera and is doing all the editing for it as well. You have to check out her website, especially her "Bride of Frankenstein Cake" video. It was difficult making something out of cake that you know so well. I wanted to keep adding fur to make it look more like Joey. My cousin Jordan took amazing photos that captured my dad's surprise as well as the cake cutting. Check it out:http://flickr.com/photos/jpop3000/sets/72157604767410663/show/
My brother Eric made an amazing video and posted it on his own blog too!


Jordan said...

Joey was so amazing...and she (can a cake have a gender?) tasted great too! You're the best cuz!

Thanks for the shout out.


Anonymous said...

I saw this cake in person and my first reaction was to go over and pet her. So amazing Elisa!! I'm so happy your dad loved the cake. And the "making of" footage is quite fascinating!

:) Lisa

tartanfrog said...

You're so insanely talented. The cake is amazing. Just curious, though: did your Dad feel a bit strange cutting into the dog?

john waters said...

Did you eat your dog cake?

Alexandra said...

This cake is amazing! You are inspiration for me.

Unknown said...

Hey, i have a Question what was the head made out of, wax?

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